One of our secret pleasures here at Bunkers Hill is watching Grand designs and Kevin McCloud (Marmite, love or hate) who eloquently shares his love or loathing of architecturally challenging homes. Each week we look forward to seeing more architectural delights and are fascinated each time how materials and space have been manipulated to create magical homes but it is also in part to do with, in Kevin’s words, be able to ‘snoop around beautiful homes.’ We envy how modern architecture embraces the use of natural light to bring a space to life and allow the homeowners to overlook breath taking views. We look for amazing ideas .… those hidden features that are unique to each design like internal courtyards and storage ideas. At Bunkers Hill we can relate to this as we are always on the hunt for homeware with a twist to add those finishing touches to your dream home. Over the next few weeks let’s watch this space and consider the positives and negatives of each design and let’s see which breath taking property should win the prestigious award of home of the year!