Here at Bunkershill we are passionate about selling home and interiors items that we love. Why would you sell something that you yourself haven’t fallen in love with? Quality and design are really important to us and we are always looking for those special products that stand out above the rest of the crowd and shout to us. Colour, texture and shape are usually the first qualities that grab our attention with new products but we always like to hear the stories behind the brands we are thinking of buying, where are the brands based and how are they developing and growing? When we visited our first show, Top Drawer, back in 2013 we met two great blokes who had only a small stand, very simply organised but we were instantly drawn in. Oliver Harvey was the brand they were promoting. They sell high quality aprons to caterers traditionally, but are expanding their brand by selling to other businesses. We loved the branding and the fabric choices. A special edition Japanese selvedge apron caught our eye first with such attention to detail, usually found in high fashion denim jeans born in Japan, these blokes, let’s say lads knew their denim and were reflecting their attention to detail though their simple cooking armour! A heavy denim with colourful striped edging, handy pockets and antique brass fastenings. The lads don’t stop here offering fabrics such as heavy linen and drill fabrics with large pockets and subtle Oliver Harvey branding, not only that but they had decided to present the aprons in smart looking tins; we instantly knew these would make great gifts as well as being practical.