Before I start, who’s seen the Lion King? Whilst we’re talking about throws, I thought I’d throw this in – ok less of the “throw”

Mufasa[about Scar] What am I going to do with him?

Zazu: He'd make a very handsome throw rug.

Mufasa: Zazu!

Zazu: And just think, whenever he gets dirty, you can take him out and beat him.

What throw to buy?

We’d always go for a natural material such as merino wool, lambs wool, cotton– we even sell a bamboo lambs wool mix – throw heaven! Synthetic fibres can be rough to the skin where natural fabrics such as merino wool, lambs wool breathe and are soft to the skin, one thing people don’t consider is polyester type throws can be dangerous near fires, most people will grab a throw and head for the nearest log burner, we suggest you think again if using a cheap polyester throw! Merino throws however, are a lot safer.

Merino Fact - Did you know that race car drivers, fire and rescue services wear a thin layer of merino to protect their skin against burns?

Can you wash a throw rug?

Huum, here at Bunkers Hill we’d advice to dry clean your throw, washing could remove some of the natural oils in the merino, lambs wool, washing could also damage / distort the throw. We also advise not to tumble dry our throws. Once your throw is dry you might want to iron it, this is ok if you use an iron on a low / med temperature.

Can you shampoo a throw rug?

Shampoo is for hair not for throws or rugs, it’s always best to dry clean your throw, you can use conditioner though – no you can’t just joking!

Can you paint a throw rug?

If you feel the need to paint your throw please bare in mind that it might ruin it, also you won’t be able to clean it afterwards, at Bunkers Hill we don’t paint throws, or paint on them. We do have some great canvases pre-painted though shop our canvases here

Can I throw a rug in the washing machine?

We advice that throwing anything is dangerous, you could place the rug in a washing machine but it might damage the rug, we always recommend dry cleaning.

Can you put a throw rug in the dryer?

We advise to only dry clean your rugs and throws.

How can I stop a throw rug from slipping on the carpet?

We have found a great way to stop throws from slipping on the carpet, all you need is a non-slip matt, or gripper matt. These can be cut to size and keep items in place  - we don’t sell these but a quick search on “non-slip matt” or “gripper matt” will return what your after.